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Should school be obligatory ?

mercredi 1er mars 2017, par Mme Hélary

I think this legal obligation is good because if they go to school, children get good a job. When kids don’t go to school, many parents send their kids to work to get money. That’s why children who don’t go to school steal, kick, racket others... In school pupils find new friends, new activities like theatre or sport.
But this legal obligation is bad too, because for bad pupils, they want to leave schoo lbut they can’t, school is too difficult for them. So they become violent with other pupils.
So this legal obligation is good and bad.
Thomas, 3D

I think kids who don’t have any education can’t do anything in life. They miss contact with other children, and might become selfish, or introverted. School is a medium to meet friends, and many different people, and discover the world, society, or become an adult.
But if a child feels rejected at school, he can become violent too ! Because living in a community isn’t simple ! We must know everybody is different, and this difference is a strength ! And we mustn’t forget some rules to live in respect and in joy too ! Because school is (a little) like life and prepares for it !
Ana, 3D


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